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Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Electric fireplaces have many advantages over their gas and wood-fired counterparts, and one of the most significant of these is the safety factor. Electric fireplaces are infinitely safer than other methods of heating the home, as they eliminate many of the risk factors posed by other types of fireplaces.

The most obvious safety factor comes from the fact that there are no real flames, embers or hot exterior surfaces. The chance of a fire occurring thanks to burning logs falling out or problems with the gas flow are completely eradicated, while concerns over the safety of children and small animals are significantly lessened by the fact that none of the exterior surfaces (in most models of fireplace) are heated to the point of burning on contact.

If a fireplace or insert is secured and placed on a fire-retardant surface (stone, concrete, or heatproof mats, for example), then there is even less risk of a fire breaking out. Placement of an electric fireplace can go a long way to mitigating the already-slight safety concerns that an electric fireplace can generate. Following common sense measures such as keeping water away from the unit or the outlet, and getting a unit with no open heating elements, all help to increase peace of mind and alleviate safety concerns.

Other ways in which you can further improve the safety of your electric fireplace include looking for a model that incorporates a built-in thermometer that will regulate the amount of heat generated by the heater, protective glass that will keep small hands from the heating element, lighting that is separate from the heating function, and either a one year or two year warranty in order to guarantee a good standard of maintenance and service.

Keeping the area around your electric fireplace clear of clutter should become standard practice, and loose paper should not be left near the fireplace. If possible, set the fireplace into a recess in the wall to provide additional safety features and to stop it having as much of a risk of being knocked over or damage. Take good care of your fireplace and it will take good care of you.

Any danger from an electric fireplace can normally be halted by simply pulling the plug, so make sure it is accessible at a moments’ notice. Keep the unit unplugged when not in use, and if possible make sure that it is unplugged whenever children are present.

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