Electric Fireplace

Electric Fireplace With Heater

For those wanting an alternative to traditional fireplaces, an electric fireplace with heater works wonderfully. It provides the same calming atmosphere and warmth of an actual fireplace. It does not, however, provide the same hassles that a traditional fireplace does. It requires no nursing a fire to life, no continuous feeding the fire and no ash to clean up afterwards.

Many electric fireplaces with heaters take great pains to merge an authentic fireside experience with modern convenience. To that end, an electric model with a heater has a simulation of flame. This can range from the “glowing embers” style, with a light bulb flickering behind a translucent mold of firewood, a backdrop that illustrates flames rising, or even some deep red foil melted onto the mock firewood. However, high-end electric fireplaces with heaters also have such amenities as a fan that blows the heat out to more efficiently heat the room, and a remote control to adjust the level of the flames or the amount of heat.

Electric fireplaces with heaters may be further integrated into a room's design. Bookcases are an extremely popular option, while some electric fireplaces with heaters are merged with entertainment centers. This combines the traditional role of a fireplace being the focal point of a room, and merges it with the modern focal point of the television.

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