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How Efficient Are Electric Fireplaces?

With the global economy tanking and not showing signs of improvement for a long time to come, and massive mounting concern over climate change and carbon footprints, a lot of people are starting to explore alternative methods of heating their homes and saving money (and the planet!) at the same time. Electric fireplaces are one of the best money-saving options available, and as an added bonus, they are almost 100% efficient!

An appliances’ efficiency is rated on the amount of energy it wastes. There are three types of energy: kinetic, light, and heat. Most appliances create two or all three of these, but only actually need one. For example, a hairdryer only really needs heat energy and the kinetic energy to direct the hot air – it does not need the whirring, roaring sound, or the red glow from the hot element. The efficiency of an appliance is calculated by taking the amount of electricity used to power it, and then working out how much of that energy is converted into useful effects.

With an electric heater, almost all the energy is used efficiently. The heat generated by passing through the coil is used to heat the air, warming it up before being extracted by means of a silent fan system – no sound means no lost energy, and the kinetic energy used to power the fan is all used up in the expulsion and distribution of the hot air inside the firebox. The light energy that is generated by the heating of the coils and heating elements is also used to create the illusion of flames and embers underneath the log bed, so that energy is not wasted either!

In short, an electric fire uses up almost every single bit of the energy used to power it –very little goes to waste. There is no soot, no carbon monoxide, and nothing left over to be disposed of – every bit of fuel (in this case electricity drawn from the national grid) is used for a purpose. In fact, electric heaters are widely regarded by electrical monitoring groups and watchdogs as being one of the most energy-efficient appliances available on the market full stop. They are not completely carbon-neutral, as they still draw their power from the grid and as such have the associated carbon footprint, but they are much better for the environment than any other form of personal household heating currently available.

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