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How to Maintain Your Electric Fireplace

Although electric fireplaces require much less in the way of repair, cleaning and maintenance than other fireplaces, they still need to be looked after and checked over once in a while. Most manufacturers recommend that an electric fireplace undergoes a complete maintenance schedule at least once a year. The easiest and safest way to do this is to have a professional fitter come and look over the unit, but if you’re more of a hands-on kind of person then it can be quite easy to repair and maintain the fireplace yourself if you know what you are doing.

Firstly, before any maintenance takes place, ensure that the fire is isolated from its electrical supply—you don’t ant any accidents while cleaning the thing! Once you are satisfied that the unit is safe and cool enough to work with without a burn risk, give the firebox a good clean with a damp cloth, a small brush (you may find that a small-head paintbrush is useful if you have an ember bed full of nooks and crannies) and a vacuum cleaner with an elongated nozzle attachment.

Next, clean the glass on the front of the fireplace. Never use glass cleaner, as it contains flammable chemicals. Instead use a little bit of mild soap and plenty of hot water, and a soft washcloth. Never use anything like a Brillo pad or a scourer as these can scratch the glass. Polish it up by lightly buffing the glass with a clean, dry cloth, moving in small circular motions to help get rid of dust particles that may have accumulated over the year.

If you need to replace the bulbs, do so. To find out if they need replacing, turn the unit on to full power before you begin the maintenance. Is one side of the ember bed or the flame display brighter than the other? If so, it may be time to change the light bulb. Most modern electric fireplaces take a common 40 watt bulb which can be purchased from any good hardware store. Take the dead bulb along with you if you aren’t sure which one to buy. As the candelabra bulbs normally use a bayonet socket, replacing them is a simple matter of unscrewing them and replacing them.

Lastly, clean the fan, make sure it is free from dust, and check that it spins freely. If you ever suspect a problem with the fan then consult with the manufacturer or a qualified professional before attempting any form of maintenance or replacement.

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